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F&B Welcome Aboard

As a new hire at Finance & Business, we want you to begin your Penn State career with the appropriate life-preserver.

Please submit an application to participate in our new Welcome Aboard program. You will be matched with a coach who can help introduce you to Penn State and ease your acclimation process within your first year as a Penn Stater. In an effort to steam ahead, there will be an event launch that you and your coach can navigate. There will also be a more informal meeting expectation that you devise on your own. Our coaches are chosen from a large pool of seasoned veterans with diverse and varied backgrounds. You will be feeling your sea legs in no time.

For more information, contact Dr. Michele Newhard at 814-865-3315.


Our coaches have been selected from a group of effective and well-respected members of the F&B staff. Unit leaders have also recommended members of our dynamic coaching team. Potential coaches can apply to join the crew.


Proteges in this program are defined as recently-hired staff with exempt status still in their first two years of employment within F&B. Members of this enthusiastic group are looking for informal learning opportunities that will assist them in their personal journey as Penn State staff within F&B. Potential proteges can take the plunge.


1. The new hire will complete an application, which includes a supporting statement from his or her supervisor, and will submit the application to the subcommittee for processing. Applications will be accepted until two weeks prior to the program kick-off. The applicant is best matched from the pool of coaches previously recruited by the subcommittee.

2. The program will kick-off in September. An initial meeting between the coach and the new-hire protege will include a rapport-building activity and worksheet on goal-setting for the protege, as well as a suggested timeline of monthly meetings to be held between the two. The governing ground rules will be discussed (to be provided by the subcommittee). The administrative units will provide release time, as needed, for the coach/protege meetings.

3. We suggest a minimum of bi-weekly check-ins and monthly meetings, but the coach and protege can decide what works best for their goals. During the final coach/protege meeting, the pair will determine how or if the coaching relationship will continue.

4. A formal Program-Ending Workshop to take place in May. An evaluation will be completed by the pair at this last meeting of the year.

The following steps should guide each coaching session:

1. Establish a ground rule of open, honest communication.
2. Follow up on previous session’s goals first and then discuss new issues.
3. Promote and identify community resources, services, and involvement opportunities.
4. Summarize plans to be worked on for future meetings.

2014-15 Schedule

Welcome Aboard Launch Luncheon - September 30
Strengths-Finder Workshop - October 21
Behind-The-Scenes Berkey Creamery Tour - November 6
Palmer Art Museum Tour - January (Date TBD)
Penn State Waste Management Tour - March 31
Closing Luncheon - April 30